Video Blogging: Why You Need It



When developing a long-term video marketing strategy, a fundamental tactic is the creation and production of a video blog.  These short, topic-specific videos don’t require excessive production value, and they help your business provide relevant content to a target audience that is looking for that content.  Video blog content can also help your business stand out in the marketplace; influenced by social sharing and organic search results for your products and/or services.

Check out the video blog that we have put together for some further insights into how video blogging can support your business or organization and help you reach out to a wider target audience.



At Render Perfect, we recognize that video is power, and we strive to help businesses use it to their advantage. But when integrating video into a marketing strategy, it’s important to remember that not all tactics are equally as effective, and it’s important to apply the correct tactic in order to achieve a desirable result. Let’s take a quick look at a video marketing tactic that serves a dual role to assist you with both enhanced visual communication and search engine optimization. Enter the video blog. These are short, topic-based videos, created to convey specific information to your target audience. As opposed to commercials and ads, video blogs don’t necessarily have to cost a fortune or dazzle with a graphic spectacle; they simply need to provide valuable information without distracting the viewer. Video blogging also allows you to convey information with substantially more fluidity than text, and provides you with the ability to showcase your knowledge, while at same time giving your audience a feel for who and what you’re all about. Additionally, video blogs are viewed by search engines as rich content. When you take the time to keyword optimize the video blog title, and include a search-friendly transcript with the post, you’re well on your way to search engine love and organic ranking joy for your video blog content. And, by the way, video is quite sharable, and works well in mobile browsing environments! Presenting your thoughts and information as a video blog post can go a long way towards furthering your brand awareness, and help you reach a wider target audience via social media. There has never been a better time to utilize video in your marketing strategy. Video blogging is a fundamental step towards developing an overall video marketing strategy, improving your businesses’ organic search, and synthesizing content for social media. If you’re interested in developing your own video blog, but aren’t quite sure how to get the ball rolling- feel free to reach out to us. We’re here to help! Message us through social media, send us an email; heck, even call us on that ancient telephone device. We’d be happy to discuss your ideas, and help make them happen!