Camera Shy?

       It happens to almost everyone. There you are, in front of the camera, ready to present your material and wow your target audience with a video spectacle; suddenly, the nerves begin to fray. Your hands begin sweating. Your speech becomes garbled. Many clients find that they are initially uncomfortable speaking to or presenting to a camera. This is called ‘scopophobia’, but its more colloquial name is ‘stage fright’. At Render Perfect, we understand that this is a very natural phenomenon. We sympathize with this initial discomfort, and we are more than prepared to help you push past it to deliver a great presentation. Below are some simple steps to help confront and defeat stage fright when facing off with the dreaded video camera.

  1. Makeup & Lighting

Many clients are concerned about how the camera will make them look. But with a light dusting of studio makeup and a unique lighting setup tailored to your needs, you’ll soon find that the camera is your best friend rather than your worst enemy. We can also do a warm-up exercise with you to give you a look at yourself in one of the studio monitors. Seeing and knowing exactly what you look like on camera is always very soothing, and may help you find the necessary courage to begin delivering your actual message.

2.    The Magic of Repetition

Having a great video presentation is one thing; hearing yourself present it is another. The first time that you hear yourself speaking to a camera, it can feel a little awkward, and maybe even a bit silly. But as you repeat your material over and over again, you’ll find yourself naturally beginning to focus more on your own message, and less on the camera capturing it. We are always prepared to do multiple ‘warm-up’ takes with our clients to soothe their nerves and get them more comfortable with the studio environment.

3.      Using A Teleprompter

One final thing that can be jarring about recording a video presentation is memorization. Render Perfect has an answer to this problem as well. Using our state-of-the-art teleprompter, we can feed your script back to you at any pace you choose, and you can read it right off the screen with absolute confidence. You’ll find that you barely even notice that the camera is there!

At Render Perfect, we are committed not only to helping you communicate a message, but also to helping you look good doing it. Remember: the camera is a marketing tool, not a torture device. Use it to your advantage!