Looking Good on The Green Screen

Not everyone has a studio environment to shoot in.  Using a green screen to add backdrops and special effects can take your video from bland to extraordinary. However, as the talent, you must do your part in order to make the green screen shoot a success.

Here are the basics of the Green Screen “Do’s and Dont’s” from our own experience…

1. Do NOT wear Any Shade of Green

  • Anything worn that is green with disappear on the green screen including patterns/details on clothes or accessories, hair clips, ties, scarves, pins, nail polish and jewelry.
  • Avoid intricate or contrasting patterns, small stripes and logos. This includes ties for men and scarves for women.

2. Keep Your Hair Under Control

  • Make sure hair is laying down and flat as possible so there are not green highlights between your fly aways.

3. Always Wear Makeup

  • Natural makeup is best, highlight key features in-order to avoid looking washed out from the bright lighting.

Other recommendations we might make are….

  • Wear bright, soft, or neutral colors like shades of red, blues, and purples.
  • Wear (not too tight) slim, well fitting clothing.
  • Apply make-up.

With proper grooming, attire, and preparation you can make the most of your next green screen video shoot!