Communicating With Video: 3 Tips For Delivering An Effective Message On-Screen

Speaking to, or in front of, a camera is a tough task for most people. There is just something about the glow of that red record light and the blank stare of the camera lens that creates an anxiety deep within and makes us unable to do some basic human functions like speak and think clearly.  Below are three tips to help you overcome your fears or anxiety the next time you’re planning to speak in front of the camera.

1) Be well prepared, not well rehearsed

When conducting interviews, the biggest mistake I encounter with business owners is when they write an entire script that they try to memorize and recite on cue.  Avoid memorizing lines of script. The stress of the recalling from memory will make you appear tense and unconfident on camera. Know the subject matter you are going to speak about inside and out then deliver it in a casual conversational manner.

In the video below Davita Carpenter, owner of CLB Management, knocked out her monologue in one take. The video was well-planned but unscripted. Her tactic was to keep a list of 5 keywords off-screen to guide her talking points but keep just enough freedom to remain candid on-screen.

2) Smile big and often

Nothing communicates bigger and brighter than a smile.  It is amazing how smiling can not only make you look better and more confident, but also genuinely feel that way.  We smile less when we are uncomfortable or uneasy.  Try to start and end every thought you speak with a smile and you will look and feel better each time you are recorded.

3) Keep your messages short and simple

When videos are created the vast majority of content from interviews is left out of the final production and only the key statements are used in the final product.  Politicians are masterful at using this “soundbite” method of speaking.  They are constantly being interviewed and have realized that these soundbites of information are what inevitably get used in the final production.  Use this same tactic to keep your messages short and simple in order to create strong soundbites.

Keeping these three tactics in mind, you will appear much more polished and in control in front of the camera.