Web Video Win: Rouxbe is like a much more practical Food Network

Rouxbe Tomatoes
I love to do some cooking. Most of the time I figure out what I want to make and just Google it and usually I have a few recipes to choose from. The recipes can be hit or miss which is a given based on the fact that they are user-submitted on a forum somewhere. Sometimes I can get indecisive about what I actually want which leads to a big problem about where to browse for recipes.

I just recently discovered Rouxbe which seems to be a really great place to find some gourmet recipes. More importantly they have some seriously good looking instructional videos for recipes, cooking school, and really just the basics of cooking. And I’m not talking about some busted poorly-constructed, and even more poorly-encoded instructional videos. These videos are crystal clear in style, delivery and broadcast.

At $99 a year, or $199 for a lifetime, premium membership (which gives you access to all the videos, free membership includes the recipes but only in text) it may be a little steep. I’m going to try out the Free 30 Day Membership and see if they can hook me in. From the looks of it though, I think they are going to do pretty well for themselves.

Thanks to Lifehacker for turning me on to this.