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About the Client

Ventev manufactures premium mobile accessories for the complex and ever-evolving wireless world. Our products are born from a philosophy of transforming the everyday into innovative solutions, combining functionality with high performance and reliability.

Project Challenges

Ventev Mobile contacted Render Perfect to discuss a promotional video for their latest product, the Powercell 6000+. The promotional video was to be scripted scenario, supported by 3D Animation and inline motion graphics, with emphasis on the product’s benefits to the traveling business professional. This required extensive coordination with security at the BWI airport, the recruiting, staging, and mobilizing of several would-be acting talents, and the construction of a custom camera rig for smooth, steady descending shot.

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Unique Project Elements

  • Conversion of Vector Mockups for Use in Cinema 4D
  • Environmental Lighting Manipulation
  • Customized Camera Slider Configurations
  • Customized Camera Rig Assembly
  • Motion Graphics Integrated with Video Objects
  • Coordination of Extras and Acting Talent
  • Coordination with the BWI Airport

Promotional Video

This Promotional Video required the cooperation of Cinema 4D motion graphics and a real-world live video scenario, which we filmed onsite. In just under 1 month, we were able to create a singular video that seamlessly intertwined the two separate visual elements, as well as two additional videos; 1 that focused entirely on animation, and 1 that focused on the real world scenario, each one invaluable for a different context. Altogether, we were able to deliver three complete standalone videos within a single production’s budget.

The Results

This project resulted in fantastic exposure and increased conversion for our client, Ventev Mobile. The Powercell 6000+ represented the first element of what would eventually become a full-blown video marketing campaign for their products. Their sales team was able to use the standalone animation video to quickly pitch the product to high-level technical clients, and the standalone scenario video to market the product to the daily business professional. The full-length combined video was used to demonstrate both the technical superiority and the beneficial nature of the Powercell 6000+ at trade shows across North America. Ventev Mobile was very pleased with the final product.