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About the Client

University Recruiters is a reputable placement agency that aims to help college graduates match their skill set(s) and career goal(s) to the needs of an employer, and to help those graduates build a lasting professional relationship with that employer.

Project Challenges

We were tasked with the creation of a broadcast commercial that would both “look cool” and present Jeff Martin’s spokesperson, The Baltimore Ravens’ Justin Tucker, in an authentic manner. We were also asked to re-design the University Recruiters temporary website into a compelling lead-generation tool with a sleek, modern user experience befitting its young, educated target audience. To add an additional challenge to the docket, the project had to be completed within a two-week-window in order to be eligible for integrated advertising with a live Monday Night Football broadcast.

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Unique Project Elements

  • Onsite Use of the MōVI M5 Stabilization System
  • Accelerated Deadline
  • Branding and Delivery for Live Television Broadcast
  • Coordination with Towson University Representatives
  • Dual Branding for Web and Live Television

Responsive Website

The Website was re-designed from the ground up utilizing the brand new WordPress X responsive design theme. We did a complete graphic re-brand to create a more modern top down content flow and icon driven look. We also added a large HTML-5 video banner, CSS page animations, and re-worked all copy content on the site.

Televised Promotional Spot

The Televised Promotional Spot required the quick development of something energetic and stylish, yet simplistic and relatable, to both complement the media persona of Justin Tucker and to emphasize the importance of his message. We teamed up with freelancer Patrick O'Donnell, who was able to arm the production with a MōVI M5 Stabilization system. This system helped us accomplish a very mobile, flowing, cinematic shot, and facilitated the success of the shoot. We wrapped production on the Towson University Stadium field in just over an hour. After adding an appropriate amount of color grading and supporting motion graphics to the footage, we were able to finalize a Promo that both Render Perfect and University Recruiters could be equally proud of.

The Results

This project resulted in resounding success. Jeff Martin, who loved the website and the promotional spot, received 4 quality resumes through the website submission form during the week of its launch, effectively exceeding his expectations and confirming that he was on the right track with the campaign. The commercial was well-received by Jeff, the Comcast sales team, and, most importantly, by Justin Tucker himself. It has since been re-aired in the targeted areas of the initial media buy, driving interest and traffic to the website. University Recruiters has since planned to expand the scope of the campaign to eventually include additional major markets.