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About the Client

Render Perfect was contacted by the Marketing Manager at Goodwill Industries of the Chesapeake to discuss the creation of an online digital report. Through its varying store locations and thrift shop storefronts, Goodwill works to transform the community into one in which all individuals have the opportunity to work.

Project Challenges

We were tasked with the creation of a digital representative of what would otherwise be Goodwill’s Annual Written Report. This clean, easy-to-use web site would then serve as a posting of pertinent numbers, charts, graphs, photos, and success stories. Challenges included the design of a fully interactive and web-based experience that would be easy to navigate for executives who were used to working with paper reports in years past, and the display of financial data in an interactive and simplistic way.

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Unique Project Elements

  • Data Visualization
  • Custom CSS3 Animation
  • SVG Chart & Graph Integration
  • jQuery Interactive Locations Map

Responsive Website

The Web Site deliverable was comprised of 7 simplistic and clean pages, eliminating what would have been a huge stack of paperwork for Goodwill executives. Utilizing CSS Animations throughout, the website highlights every event, every mark of company growth, every contract signed, every pertinent statistic, and every successful individual to prosper from within the program, all while holding the user’s interest with streamlined navigation and clickable elements on each page.

The Results

This project resulted in a fully responsive and interactive website that has since revolutionized the way that Goodwill has been able to communicate its success. Representatives from Goodwill were ecstatic with the newer, “richer experience” of the digitized annual report, and have stated that they intend to use the web site as their preferred method for publishing annual reports in the future.