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About the Client

Eneractive is an independent, full-service energy consulting, engineering, and project development firm specializing in the analysis, design, development, and installation of energy-efficient projects, building system optimization projects and power generation solutions for optimization and environmental control.

Project Challenges

For this project, Eneractive Solutions requested that a 5-minute detailed animation be created from scratch, based on a style guide and 2 brochures. Supported throughout by a Scripted Voiceover, the animation sequence was to describe their latest offering, the VEM software platform. Aside from the vast number of illustrations and expansive storyboarding required for such a project, the largest challenge was communicating to the target audience the 12+ functions and limitless benefits of the software in a hierarchy of relative importance.

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Unique Project Elements

  • Customized Vector Illustrations for Animation
  • Out-of-State Travel for Video Component
  • 4-5 Minutes of Consecutive Animation
  • Extensive Storyboarding

Explainer Video

The full Explainer Video delivered featured more than 25 individual scenes of animation, 1 interview, and elaborated on each of the software’s capabilities within the boundaries of a 5-minute time limit. A supplementary video was then compressed into less than 2 minutes for the use of the Eneractive sales team. Combining the facilities of Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop for animation, and the humanistic and relatable element of an on-camera interview, we were able to deliver two video products that each, in their own respective settings, effectively communicated the value proposition of the VEM software to the designated target audiences.

The Results

Eneractive Solutions was overwhelmed by the simplification that Render Perfect was able to provide for such a complex and intricate piece of technology. Using the two separate animated videos, Eneractive has increased conversion while saving time and money on the marketing of the software itself.