Choosing Your Video Platform

Video Marketing is a lot like fishing. The end goal is to reel in a client and push them to act within the terms of your business structure. But, just like fishing, where you choose to cast your line decides how successful you will be.

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Easy YouTube Closed-Captions and Increased Search Visibility

It is no secret that adding closed-captioning to your YouTube videos is a big win when it comes to increasing search results and user engagement. ReelSEO confirmed this a while back in this great video:

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YouTube Tricks: How To Render In Perfect MP4

I’ll admit that the name of this post is kind of a joke. In Google Analytics (an app we obsess over) I see that people commonly search for “how to render in perfect mp4” only to land on our company website. In reality, that’s not such a bad thing because we really do render in perfect mp4 with a wonderful hardware based encoder (just ask us, we’ll tell you all about it)! Yup, renderin’ perfect is something that we know how to do really well, so why not give the people what they want? So here it is…

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Free Download: 10 YouTube Tips For 2010

A few weeks ago we launched our new mini-ebook Produce, Post, Promote: Ten YouTube Tips For 2010 to our email list (you can get it here).  The book has been very well received and was downloaded by all types of people, ranging from business owners to bloggers.

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