Custom HTML Websites vs Template Sites

We’ve been doing a good amount of web design and development in the past couple weeks here at Render Perfect, and some questions have arisen from our clients that sparked a great conversation, thus giving us the idea for this blog post!

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Value-Added Video Marketing Tip For February: Add a Landing Page

Each month we’re posting a new tip to help you get your web video marketing on track. Assuming that you paid to have a video produced for your business, there is absolutely no reason to leave it sitting on the shelf. The key is to get your video out there and attracting new customers.

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Promote Your Video Using

If you want to give your web video a kick-start, the first thing to do is to start promoting it. The go-to sources for content promotion are email, Twitter, and Facebook. And while those sources are good you may want to consider launching it into yet another web 2.0 filter: StumbleUpon

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