Why Use Narration in Your Video Project

Your video’s message needs to be clear, succinct and direct. Your interviewees may not always be as direct as you’d like them to be. Enter VO (Voiceover) Narration, the simplest and most direct means of moving your video content forward. There are many ways that VO Narration benefits a video. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest things that VO Narration can do for your next project!

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3 Ways To Use Your Smartphone To Help Plan Your Next Video

Smartphones have truly revolutionized the way that business is done.  They have become a sort of digital Swiss Army knife that can be used in many different ways.  Let’s take a minute to discuss 3 ways in which  you can use your smartphone to help you plan your next video production. These tips for using basic features (not 3rd party apps), which come standard with any smartphone, will help to save you time and money on your next video production as well as to further clarify your plan of action.

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