On Understanding Growth & Strategy

Growth, it’s talked about often in the world of marketing and advertising, but it’s also found in the world around us. Without process, there is no growth.  The days of organic growth  are starting to dwindle away and so are the relaxed advertising campaigns; the good news is that it’s
a slow and steady decline and there’s room to learn and grow.
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4 Reasons Why You Desperately Need SEO


If you’re not an experienced web designer, than your ideas for a web design of your own might rely largely on what you’ve seen while browsing around other people’s similar websites. Using existing themes, color schemes, templates, and designs as the basis for your own web design is a very common and admittedly useful practice.

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Why Do The “Little Things” Matter?

Why have a blog? Why bother with social media? Why devote time to the “little things”?

Of course, as an established web design and video production company with more than a decade of field experience, it goes almost without saying that we spend most of the workday striving for artistic and logistic excellence in digital media.

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Top 5 Web Design Trends We’ve Noticed in 2011 (So Far)

It is important as graphic and web designers to see what everyone else is doing or not doing on the web.  It gives us an idea of what future clients may be looking for, and ideas that we can evolve into our own designs.  It can also open your mind to things you may not have thought of before, thus expanding your creativity and idea-set.  Even if you don’t like the look of a certain design trend that people have been using, it is important to remain as open-minded as possible in the always-changing world of web design.

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SPAM Lives In Social Media Too

“Please just delete the message if you do not want it”
-actual message from a Facebook spammer

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