Don’t Skip Pre-Production!

Video creation is typically split into three stages- pre-production, production, and post-production. Most people are, to some extent, familiar with the production stage; “the lights, camera, action” of the business, and the stage at which the video footage is captured. Post-production, typically seen as second most important, entails the edit and finalization of that footage, after which it finally can be syndicated. But what slows video creation exponentially in both stages is the lack of effort made in pre-production

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3 Tips For Working With A Video Company

Recently I received an email from a previous client whose organization was planing for a video they needed to produce. The question he asked was timeless in our line of work…

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Plan Your Company’s Next Video With A Mind Map

The foremost psychological hurdle to overcome when encountering any sort of branding endeavor is visualizing the end result of the effort. A video campaign can be a huge collaborative effort and you will want to open up the communication between the collaborators (decision makers, your art department, outside contractors) as soon as possible. There are many ways to deal with this; many choose a physical meeting, but meetings are possibly the most time consuming and least appealing way to generate ideas.

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