New Features with iFrames for Facebook Fan Pages

As of February 10, 2011, Facebook made it so that Fan Pages would use iframes rather than the previous FBML (Facebook Markup Language).  Facebook Fan Page admins and developers saw this as a change for the better.  It makes creating stylish, interactive apps or Fan Page tabs much easier than it used to be.  Instead of learning Facebook’s experimental (and confusing) FBML code, a developer is now able to create an external web page using basically any standard web programming language he or she desires (HTML, Javascript, CSS, etc.).  This means you can display almost anything you’d like in your Facebook Fan Page, except for Flash applets. This includes full web pages with navigation, videos, music, image rotators, etc.

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Use Video To Empower Customers To Market For You

Ever since there have been products and services worth talking about, word-of-mouth has always been the “Holy Grail” of marketing. Developing effective word-of-mouth is elusive in nature, but critical to the success of a business.  It is hard work to create and maintain word-of-mouth, but once you have a good core group of customer evangelists out there preaching the good word of your company’s product or service, there is nothing more powerful.

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Keep it Short, Cut Your Ego

Imagine you see an ad on Craigslist:

Two free tickets to the sold-out show tonight. First come, first served. Contact Glenn.

You email Glenn the poster, and it turns out YOU’RE FIRST: You win the tickets! But instead of receiving instructions on how to get the tickets you receive this:

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Super Bowl BADvertising Round Up 2010

Last year we discussed the merits and rewards of putting MC Hammer and Ed McMahon in your ad.  So we’ll take the plunge again and talk about the ads that really rocked people’s worlds during Super Bowl XLIV.

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