Camera Shy?

       It happens to almost everyone. There you are, in front of the camera, ready to present your material and wow your target audience with a video spectacle; suddenly, the nerves begin to fray. Your hands begin sweating. Your speech becomes garbled. Many clients find that they are initially uncomfortable speaking to or presenting to a camera. This is called ‘scopophobia’, but its more colloquial name is ‘stage fright’. At Render Perfect, we understand that this is a very natural phenomenon. We sympathize with this initial discomfort, and we are more than prepared to help you push past it to deliver a great presentation. Below are some simple steps to help confront and defeat stage fright when facing off with the dreaded video camera.

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Looking Good on The Green Screen

Not everyone has a studio environment to shoot in.  Using a green screen to add backdrops and special effects can take your video from bland to extraordinary. However, as the talent, you must do your part in order to make the green screen shoot a success.

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Five Tips for Video Testimonial Interviews

One of the most challenging aspects of video is interviewing someone for a testimonial. Not everyone has the ability to speak and appear comfortable on camera. So in order to get the most genuine response from the subject (or interviewee), the interviewer has to be adaptive, engaging and inviting.

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Video Color Correction

Color correction is extremely vital for shooting any kind of video these days. And there are tons of filters and softwares out there that can make this once complicated process an easy one. Color Correction or Grading can really make that average looking shot ‘pop’ and grab the viewers attention. At Render we typically like to shoot things very flat with our Canon EOS 7D SLR giving the image a very neutral and almost bland look. This gives us more range and leverage in post to make the video really shine by increasing or decreasing the color saturation. Luckily there is no right or wrong way to color correcting video for the web because there are no standards like there are for broadcast television. So you can have a lot of fun with this step and really put your creative stamp on your video.

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Using a Camera Slider

It’s Every Videographers Favorite Accessory!

Having a slider really increases the production quality of your video. They literally breathe life into a shot by adding depth and motion. It’s no longer static and boring, but engaging when the camera tracks from one side of the frame to the other or pulls the viewer closer to the subject.

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