Using a Camera Slider

It’s Every Videographers Favorite Accessory!

Having a slider really increases the production quality of your video. They literally breathe life into a shot by adding depth and motion. It’s no longer static and boring, but engaging when the camera tracks from one side of the frame to the other or pulls the viewer closer to the subject.

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Adaptive & Responsive Web Design, The Future of Websites?

Recently the buzz in the web design world has been about Responsive Web Design and Adaptive Websites.  It’s the latest and most popular trend in web design / development, and with Google’s latest “endorsement“, it could very well be the preferred future of most sites on the web.   If you haven’t heard of adaptive or responsive web design yet, let us provide you with a brief explanation.

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A Little Web Design Can Go A Long Way

Web design has become one of our core service offerings here at Render Perfect.  We strongly believe that an organization’s website is the most valuable marketing / communication tool they can develop and utilize.  If you aren’t presenting your company the way you’d like on the web, isn’t it time to do something about it? Good web design can increase visitor traffic, reduce your bounce rate, convey your messages clearly, and give your website the “wow” factor to grab potential customers’ attention.

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