Promote Your Video Using

If you want to give your web video a kick-start, the first thing to do is to start promoting it. The go-to sources for content promotion are email, Twitter, and Facebook. And while those sources are good you may want to consider launching it into yet another web 2.0 filter: StumbleUpon

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Use the YouTube Beta Channel

This is pretty old news, but still noteworthy since I still see companies not using it. A few months ago YouTube secretly unveiled their Beta Channel design, which allows user to customize their channel using a WYSIWYG editor. You can customize colors, text , and background images to brand your channel and make it something better than the out of the box YouTube look. Rather than explain it to you, check out the video tutorial below.

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What Can Facebook Do For Your Business?

Just a few months ago buried away in the pages of Facebook, you might have stumbled upon a link showing you the way to create a Facebook page for your business. It was difficult to find and business pages were few and far between. Now the link is available right on the front page . Business pages are popping up everywhere.
If you sell Brand X Boring Widgets, you might be asking yourself “Why does my company need a Facebook page?” This is sort of like asking why Aflac needs a duck screaming “Aflac!”  A non-buzzworthy business still benefits from using social media.

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3 Ways Web Video Can Help Any Company Survive The Current Recession

It’s tough out there. You have heard it from every media outlet. And as much as you’d like to believe that it’s more hype than fact, the truth is that few companies have been left unaffected by the economic downturn. In times of indecisiveness, what many find out is that the best way to move forward is to move outward. Expand upon the things that you have already spent money on to get the most value out of your investment. Being in the video advertising business I have personally seen this shift, with more and more businesses requesting to produce web content instead of broadcast content.

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