Free Samsung Galaxy Mockups! (Note 4 & Note Edge)

Our client, Ventev Mobile, wanted to use the latest Samsung devices, the Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge, in their most recent video. However, these devices were so new that no one had yet taken the time to illustrate them.

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Adaptive & Responsive Web Design, The Future of Websites?

Recently the buzz in the web design world has been about Responsive Web Design and Adaptive Websites.  It’s the latest and most popular trend in web design / development, and with Google’s latest “endorsement“, it could very well be the preferred future of most sites on the web.   If you haven’t heard of adaptive or responsive web design yet, let us provide you with a brief explanation.

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A Little Web Design Can Go A Long Way

Web design has become one of our core service offerings here at Render Perfect.  We strongly believe that an organization’s website is the most valuable marketing / communication tool they can develop and utilize.  If you aren’t presenting your company the way you’d like on the web, isn’t it time to do something about it? Good web design can increase visitor traffic, reduce your bounce rate, convey your messages clearly, and give your website the “wow” factor to grab potential customers’ attention.

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Custom HTML Websites vs Template Sites

We’ve been doing a good amount of web design and development in the past couple weeks here at Render Perfect, and some questions have arisen from our clients that sparked a great conversation, thus giving us the idea for this blog post!

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Video Highlights From An Excellent 2011

We had a fantastic year at Render Perfect Productions. Between our big move to Towson, launching our new website and rebranding, receiving a copious amount of Telly and Communicator awards, and creating great videos & web design projects for our wonderful clients; we had a great time bringing the most powerful web marketing and video production to our clients.

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