Why is Aspect Ratio Important to Video Marketing

First what is Aspect Ratio?

And why is it so important!?

Well it’s the width and the height of an image or a screen and the  number represents the size of your video at its lowest common denominator. Examples come in different shapes and sizes: 16:9, 4:3, 3:2, 1:1, etc.

Today users are viewing your video content on screens oriented or positioned in two ways: horizontal (flat screen TVs and computer monitors or vertical (mobile devices) mainly for social video content.

It’s important to plan and deliver your video for the aspect ratio or screen orientation that your audience will be viewing it. This will likely mean a little more work in post-production to create different versions of your video for let’s say YouTube and Facebook.

Advertising, but optimized viewing means better viewing and more attention, and that is the whole point when delivering video to an audience, right?

On Understanding Growth & Strategy

Growth, it’s talked about often in the world of marketing and advertising, but it’s also found in the world around us. Without process, there is no growth.  The days of organic growth  are starting to dwindle away and so are the relaxed advertising campaigns; the good news is that it’s
a slow and steady decline and there’s room to learn and grow.
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