On Understanding Growth & Strategy


Growth, it’s talked about often in the world of marketing and advertising, but it’s also found in the world around us. Without process, there is no growth.  The days of organic growth  are starting to dwindle away and so are the relaxed advertising campaigns; the good news is that it’s
a slow and steady decline and there’s room to learn and grow.

So what does this mean for marketers and strategists?

There needs to be a solid strategy to help maximize your efforts for your campaign, and if something doesn’t work switch it up. If you were growing a tomato plant for instance, you would need to respond actively to the plant and give it what it needs at that moment. The same applies to your campaign. Achieving a perfect balance with your campaign strategy, and being able to be flexible enough to correct any detrimental processes to your campaign.

If you want immediate results overnight, I got some news for you: it won’t happen. Yes, you may get some interaction or you might go viral, but you’ll have to wait three months to get that goal you are looking for. The first two months are all about setting up and reaching small goals; if you can analyze your data and adjust proactively you will be able to reach your goal.

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