Why Use Narration in Your Video Project


Your video’s message needs to be clear, succinct and direct. Your interviewees may not always be as direct as you’d like them to be. Enter VO (Voiceover) Narration, the simplest and most direct means of moving your video content forward. There are many ways that VO Narration benefits a video. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest things that VO Narration can do for your next project!

Set the Stage with the Right Tone

Different voices have different energies, which create different emotional impacts. For example, previews for scary movies often use deep, gritty voiceovers to put you on edge, while previews for lighthearted romantic movies often use gentle, upbeat voiceovers to convey a beautiful love story. A good voice artist helps to form an emotional connection with the audience right away by using a tone of voice, an inflection and a reading pace that appropriately match your message.

Transition Between Two Different Topics

It can be jarring to move from one topic to another with interview soundbites alone. Using VO Narration can smoothen the transition for your audience and keep them engaged. Note how the VO artist that we selected with our client Ventev Mobile moves quickly and calmly between two different products at 0:53 of the video below. Most likely, you didn’t even notice that you were being drawn into an entirely different product conversation!

Cut Down Your Video Length

When your interviewees are giving you such amazing soundbites, it’s tempting to try and include as much as possible. But if your video gets to be 20 minutes long, your audience will grow bored with it and your message will be lost. Using VO Narration you can be as direct as possible by summarizing important information more concisely than your interviewees will, and by setting up shorter, more compressed soundbites to fit more neatly into your video. Take a look at how narration guides and supports soundbites in our video for the Kaufman Cancer Center below.

Keep It Simple

If you’re sharing a more complex product or message with a less informed audience, VO Narration can be your greatest ally. By forcing yourself to be direct and succinct with narration, you can take very complicated information down to the sum of its parts and communicate clearly with your audience: this is what we’re offering, and this is why you need it. Anything else that your interviewees or your animation have to say will be more easily understood as a result of the simple narration that is already in place.

Go Forth and Tell Your Story

Your video is always going to tell a story, and your audience should always be compelled to act on the story that they’ve heard. VO Narration is a great way to drive action, by making your message shorter, easier to relate to, more concise and more direct. 

If you have any questions about how VO Narration could help you tell your story, don’t hesitate to reach out to us here at Render Perfect. Call us today at 410.853.7892 or send us an email via info@myrender.com!