How Background Music Benefits Your Video


Music creates and amplifies emotion. It always has, and it always will. Using music in a video creates an emotional response in the audience, and that emotional response motivates the audience to take action. There are many ways that music can help a video make an emotional connection, but let’s take a look at three in particular.

That’s My Song!

The right music can make you want to jump up and dance, or sit down and cry. Using video content, you have an opportunity to make a connection with your audience that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to make. The music you decide to use can deepen that connection and make it more personal or emotional, to draw them further into the story you’re telling. 

Some music licensing sites have even started offering “mood tags” to search for tracks that best fit the emotional tone of your video!


Pick Up the Pace

An appropriate piece of music can also help improve the pacing of your video. Music is a natural timekeeper for the listener. Simply having a consistent rhythm helps to give your content a better flow, making that content more concise and making it easier for the audience to interpret your message.

Move the Conversation Forward

Changing music means changing tones. It can difficult to go from somber to uplifting in just a few seconds; but with the right music, nothing is impossible. Music makes emotional transitions much easier for the audience, sending a clear message that the time for guilt and dread is over and the time for excitement and energy has come. 

Note the dynamic shift of both mood and music at 01:32 in our recent video for Back On My Feet, as we shift from talking about disturbing statistics to talking about hope and organizational benefits.

So, Why Use Music?

Music alone is not going tell your story or deliver your message. But music can help you transition between moods, improve flow and provide an emotional depth to your story that cannot be achieved by any other means. Music drives the emotion that drives action.

We want to help you form a powerful emotional connection with your audience, and drive them to take action on your behalf. If you have any questions about music, video content or video marketing, you can always reach out to us here at Render Perfect. Email, or give us a call at 410.853.7892 to get started!