Everything Starts with Strategy

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Let’s say that you are trying to save some money by changing the oil of your car engine. You’ve never done it before, but if a mechanic can do it in half an hour, how hard could it be? You have a general idea of what you’re trying to accomplish, and you’ve bought the recommended oil and set aside an hour for the job. But once the hood is open, the job becomes more intimidating.

Seeing all the nuts and bolts of your vehicle shatters your illusion of simplicity. You recognize several things that could be oil reservoirs, but, for all you know, they could just as easily be brake lines or air condensers. Without a solid strategy, you could trigger a fire or flood the engine beyond repair. Suddenly what was meant to be a simple job has become a tad frustrating.

Render Perfect: Frustrated with the Car (GIF)

The consequences of poor video marketing aren’t quite as dire, but the principle is the same.

 Recently, the web has revolutionized the world of marketing. Across YouTube, Facebook, Wistia, Vidyard, and other Video Marketing platforms, you now have a direct line to your target audience in a way such as you have never had before. Once your content is deemed acceptable and complete, it takes little more than the click of a button and a half-hour video upload to begin sharing that content. However, once your content is out there, who is to say it will convert views into sales? How can you guarantee a return on your investment?

Video Marketing Necessitates Strategy.

The fundamentals of a modern marketing strategy are timeless. You should always begin with a measurement of your competitor’s success and failures with similar content. Pay close attention to which types of video content test best with your target audience, and take note of which platforms best reach the audience ears as well as which platforms your audience prefers. Customize your content creation based on the results of your studies and testing to be sure that your videos will truly resonate with your audience. Upload your video content, study and test the results of your upload, use those results to better craft your next video, and then upload again. This is just the tip of the iceberg, and there are many additional variables to consider.

If you are prepared to lose a great amount of money and waste a great amount of time, you are welcome to simply throw ideas against the wall until something sticks. But if you want to use video to its full potential, and more quickly and efficiently convert an audience, you need a strategy.

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