Video: The Champion of Mobile Content

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Between quarter 1 of 2014 and quarter 1 of 2015, we’ve seen a 100% spike in mobile video consumption. If you think that statistic might indicate a trend, then you’ll be amazed to see the prior year’s statistic. Between quarter 1 of 2013 and quarter 1 of 2014, analysts measured a spike of more than 360% in mobile video consumption.

And why not?

The next time you are standing in line at Chipotle, do some quick recon on how many of your fellow consumers are fiddling with iPhones. I did a quick visual poll of my own and came to the conclusion that roughly 6 out of every 10 people were rocking a smartphone. That’s a lot of mobile browsing, for all of ten minutes standing around inside a fast food joint!

Much of my generation grew up on flip phones, so I completely understand how today’s mobile statistics can be mind-boggling. Where, at one time, it was unfathomable that information could be hosted and shared online, it was shortly thereafter unfathomable that one would choose to consume information on a tiny screen in your pocket. With each leap forward, the previous form of technology becomes cumbersome. Today’s world, encompassing generations of all ages and demographics, is not only reliant on mobile technology, but also driven by mobile content. Ladies and gentlemen, the future is now!

Content that is optimized for the desktop experience is still highly valued for home and office consumption, but mobile content can be consumed anywhere at anytime. Rather than relying on your target audience to allocate a portion of their leisure time to your advertising, why not create content that can keep up with them as they navigate their daily lives?

Enter video, the champion of mobile content.

According to, the average adult in the United States of America watches roughly 76 minutes of video using their smartphone every single day. That’s a lot of time to make your message heard, particularly if your video content is short and to the point. Video is also the most sharable type of content, requiring little more than the touch of an icon to reach the ears of anywhere between 1 and 500 additional consumers. With those odds working naturally in your favor, who needs a “viral” video?

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