Video Marketing is NOT Optional

Video Marketing is NOT optional! Visit to learn More!

Last week I had to unclog a pipe under my sink. I feel the need to disclaim that I am no plumber, and I certainly don’t have the brand, make, and model of my sink memorized. For that matter, I don’t care for puzzles, and I am easily frustrated by an immovable object. I often compare my DIY skills to those of the three stooges. So, after opening my under-sink cabinet, the first thing that I did was break out the good old iPhone and open the YouTube app.

It took mere moments to locate a video tutorial on how to disassemble the sink, unclog the pipe, and reassemble the sink in working order. This morning I shaved, washed my hands, and brushed my teeth without ever once clogging the sink, all thanks to the versatile medium of video.




Now, could I have gone to the library and checked out books on plumbing? Sure. Could I have pulled up the necessary information on the internet? Certainly. Could I have called a more experienced friend and had him talk me through it? Probably. So, why did I flock straight to YouTube for the DIY support I required?


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In my case, I went to YouTube because, through video, I can absorb information more quickly. I can see a step-by-step visual representation of the process that I need to complete, and my mind is able to more quickly and easily process that information and outsource the plan of action to my unskilled hands. The human brain is 74% more likely to understand a concept, product, or service through video than through any other medium.

The hard truth is that if you’re not using video for your marketing strategy, then you’re simply not marketing properly. Video is no longer optional in a marketing strategy. Whether for brand awareness, public outreach, or conversion, every successful brand worldwide has a youtube channel housing several dozen pieces of video content. If you want your brand and its service offering to continue providing immediate answers to your audience’s needs, you have to make that offering as accessible as humanly possible; and that means video!

Video marketing can be as cheap or as expensive as you need it to be, ranging from costless “vines” filmed on your smartphone to a $20,000 series of commercial promotions that air on television. As with any other aspect of business, once you determine your strategy, you can determine your strategy’s budget; and in sticking firmly to that strategy, you can get the highest possible return on every penny spent. This means that there are no excuses left to make.


So, what is stopping you from jumping on video content?


If you still have any questions or reservations about using video, we’d love to talk to you about it and help to develop a custom video marketing strategy that is perfect for you. Call our office at 410.853.7892 or send us an email via, and get started on video marketing today!