Video Marketing: The Stages of the Sales Funnel

Part of marketing is mapping the appropriate responses to each individual stage of the client buying cycle (also known as the “purchase funnel”). Imagine a proper funnel that represents the internal journey of your client’s mind, from the general awareness of your product or service all the way to the sale of that product or service to the client. Unlike a physical funnel, the sale of a product or service in the business world can be lost at any time, right up until the moment that the payment changes hands. Any support that you can give to your offering during the early stages of the buying cycle is a critical tool that should be used wisely.

Video is a fantastic way to add depth to your product or service, and can go a long way to support each step of the client buying cycle. Many marketers, having recognized the power of video content, have now adopted video into their marketing strategy, and begun using that video content to reinforce their product or service as it circles the client purchase funnel.

However, as with any other marketing tactic, timing is everything. There are many different kinds of videos that can be used as marketing content.

To name a few:

Each one of these video categories applies to the market differently. Applying the wrong video at the right time, or vice versa, can limit the effectiveness of the video as a marketing tool. So, how do you determine which videos to apply at which times?


Some elements of video marketing rely on intuition, knowledge of your target audience, and common sense. After all, every client is different, and will respond differently to the circumstances in play. But, as a place to start, we at Render Perfect wish to offer you some insight based on the immersive data gathered by Regalix Research. In the chart above, we have listed several variants of video marketing content as they relate to each level of the purchase funnel. The pins indicate the type of video that modern marketers rank as 1st, 2nd, and 3rd priority during the stages of the buying cycle, based on their previous results with past clients.

While video can be an overwhelmingly effective means of marketing, keep in mind that video marketing is only ever as efficient as the marketer utilizing it.  Render Perfect offers the perfect solution for any of your video marketing needs. We are always happy to answer any questions or to elaborate further on the subjects we discuss here in the blog feel free to contact us for more information on video marketing!