A Little Web Design Can Go A Long Way

Web design has become one of our core service offerings here at Render Perfect.  We strongly believe that an organization’s website is the most valuable marketing / communication tool they can develop and utilize.  If you aren’t presenting your company the way you’d like on the web, isn’t it time to do something about it? Good web design can increase visitor traffic, reduce your bounce rate, convey your messages clearly, and give your website the “wow” factor to grab potential customers’ attention.

Absolute Security, our neighbor here in Towson, MD,  came to us with the goal of improving and modernizing their web presence into a lead generation / marketing tool that they could use to generate more revenue.  We took a look at what they were working with and knew exactly what it would take to get them on the right track to accomplish these goals.

Absolute Security is a full-service security and investigation company.  They offer services such as fingerprinting, patrol guards, and private investigation.  They were using an outdated web design that didn’t lend itself to the flow of the information they were attempting to convey.  They also had about 4 domain names that were all going to different sites (Yikes!).  Needless to say, they didn’t look as reputable as they should, so we did something about it.

First, let’s take a look at the previous web design to get an idea of what we were working with :

Absolute had an older, pretty basic site design, with the equivalent of an “About Us” page as their homepage. They really weren’t taking advantage of the home page real estate to promote and cross-advertise their service offering.  The site lacked a strong call to action for each of the 3 main services they provide, and did not do a very good job letting users know where to go next to find the information they were looking for.  Next, let’s take a look at the design we came up with for Absolute:

We tried to stray as far away from the original design as possible, switching the entire color scheme and highlighting each of their services individually on the homepage. Visitors can clearly see where to go to get the information they are looking for, or how to get in touch with someone at Absolute.  We implemented an image and information rotator was implemented at the top of the page to get as much information to the visitor without them having to scroll down to read it.  We made sure they were happy with the design, and created the rest of the content pages to match their homepage.  Here’s a link to take a look at the finished site design:


The first weekend the new site design was launched, Absolute had received multiple leads for security, investigative, and fingerprinting services.  They were pleasantly surprised to come in Monday morning to the newly implemented form submission emails with potential leads.

Absolute Security has continued to gain momentum earning more traffic and leads this month.  This type of small business web design success is exactly the kind of results we love to provide our clients with.  A good web presence will go a long way in the online marketing world, especially combined with some of the additional search engine optimization, social network,  and website content creation services we offer here at Render Perfect.