Value-Added Video Marketing Tip For March: Send a Video Email To Your Clients

Each month we’re posting a new tip to help you get your web video marketing on track. Assuming that you paid to have a video produced for your business, there is absolutely no reason to leave it sitting on the shelf. The key is to get your video out there and attracting new customers.

These tips are relatively easy and can be implemented successfully in just a few hours of work.

Value-Added Video Marketing Tip For March:
Send A Video Email To Your Clients

With tons of cheap and reliable platforms for sending email campaigns–we like MailChimp— there is no reason not to send an email every once in a while to your list of clients and potential customers. (You have a list, right?)

Many of these email providers are making it easy to post videos or thumbnail links to videos right in the email. Link to your YouTube video or, better yet, link to a video landing page that’s already been created!

Still not convinced? Check out the undeniable stats in this awesome infographic: