How To Ditch YouTube and Host Video Content On Your Own Terms

We all love YouTube. But there are times when we don’t want our video content out there on the YouTube network for everyone to see. There are times when we want our logo in the lower righthand corner.

There are times when we need a more flexible video hosting solution.

Luckily, there are plenty of great video hosting services out there with tons of features. Of course they are not free (on average they run about $100 per month), but if you want to have a whole lot of control on how and where your video is seen, then here are some great services to check out:

1. Wistia

Advantages: Unique extras like clickable call-to-action pages in your video, easy Mailchimp integration, and made-to-order transcription services

Disadvantages: The Starter package is essentially unusable with a maximum video upload of three. You’ll probably have to go with the Pro package to get anything done, which might be overkill.

2. Bits On The Run

Advantages: Bits on the Run isn’t open-source, but it’s awfully developer-friendly. So plugins and features are constantly being developed. You pay for the bandwidth and hosting that you use so Bits on the Run is generally cheap especially if you integrate Amazon Web Services for hosting.

Disadvantages:  Bits on the Run has a more open framework which means they really don’t hold your hand when it comes to implementing their service. Chances are you are going to need an advanced web geek to help with getting this live.

3. Viddler

Advantages: Unique features like social tags along with a robust ad delivery service (if you wish to make money from your content) make Viddler one of the best services out there.

Disadvantages: None that we can find. For the money, Viddler for Business seems to be the most flexible solution.

4. Vimeo Pro

Advantages: At $200, Vimeo Pro is by far the cheapest of these services (with the exception of a lightly used Bits on the Run account.)

Disadvantages: Comparatively, Vimeo Pro runs a bit slim on the extras. You’re basically paying to host commercial content on the non-commercial Vimeo web space. You also get a white-label player which is a nice touch.

5. BrightCove

Advantages: Multiple encodes when you upload videos and it will intelligently deliver the correct encode to the right user. For instance, for visitors with a slower connection, Brightcove will deliver a lower quality encode that will play without interruption.

Disadvantages: Hard to find any, really. If anything. Brightcove might be way more than you need for hosting a few videos on your site.

Rest assured, all of the services above offer premium video hosting services that will work great when hosting your own content. And each service offer a plethora of options. The best way to pick the perfect services for you is to list the options that you definitely need and weight that against the price you are willing to pay for the service. If you’re still not sure, then take a few on for a trial. Each services offers a free trial period that will help you make the best decision for your business.