Case Study: Georgetown University’s Lacrosse Season Recap Video

Georgetown University was our very first client and we have been working with their lacrosse program on their season recap videos since the beginning.

The final product ends up running about 20 minutes in length. A snippet of our most recent video with Georgetown Lacrosse can be seen below (see the full version here).

A lot of our video services go into this video including:

• Scriptwriting (Telling the story of the season)
• HD sports videography (A fast lens and a wealth of knowledge of the game come in handy here)
• Non-linear Editing (To compile a season’s worth of games into 20 minutes)
• Motion Graphics (Think ESPN titles)
• Graphic Design (For the DVD artwork)
• Encoding (For multiple delivery methods)

Starting in February we shoot games in HD video and capture the footage in our edit suite. In the meantime we construct a script with the coaching staff retelling the story of the season. As the season ends we organize the footage and then videotape an interview with Coach Dave Urick, letting him recall the season as it happened.

We then compile all the footage according to the script, adding in soundbytes from Coach. We add motion graphics and transition to tighten everything up. Finally, we design the DVD label and encode for DVD and YouTube.

The Georgetown coaching staff enjoy the video because it gives them something memorable to present at their annual banquet. Furthermore, it helps them in their recruiting efforts by showing prospective players the story of the school, the ability of the team, and an overview of the Georgetown LAX experience.