Anatomy of a Company Promo

Creating a web promo about Render Perfect has been a long time in the making. We’ve talked about doing one for years. We knew that just having a reel on our front page was not enough to describe the truly full-service brand marketing via video content that our company executes on a daily basis.

So why did we wait? Well, besides managing the day to day of working on videos and websites for our clients, it was just really tough to get started. The truth is that even as a video brand marketing company it’s difficult to look in the mirror and create the story for ourselves.

Writing and developing a script that we were all happy with was a painstaking process. But once we ironed out the details, everything came together fairly quickly. It was a valuable learning experience that truly evolved our web presence.

With that being said, here are 4 simple guidelines to get started planning your company’s web promo:

1. Share A Story Through Images

We wanted people to “get” our company quickly. We figured we could do this in two ways: show off a bunch of cool technology that we use and that most people probably don’t care about or explain our services in a simple way using creative graphics that are easy to identify.

In our opinion the best way was the latter; using motion graphics to creatively describe our service offerings. Creative graphics tell a story intrinsically and leave a memorable impact on the viewer.

2. Show Yourself

One of our biggest concerns when producing our video was making sure that we made a physical appearance within it.  It is important for a potential customer to know exactly who they will be dealing with if they give us a call.

Many video companies hide their presence on their website. Sometimes it’s even tough to find out where their studio is located. This elusiveness-by-design is caused by the fear of a potential customer becoming turned off that the production company might be too small or that their office is located at the opposite end of the country.

That’s not the case with us. We are a small company. And we find our ease of scalability to be one of the things our clients love about us the most.

3. Short Is Better

Realizing that a web audience’s time is valuable and their attention is pulled in a multitude of directions, we wanted to keep this video overview as short as possible without missing any crucial information. The 1:15 runtime is the absolute longest we wanted to go with this video. Ideally shorter would have been better, but would not have been as complete in its message.

4. Create An Aesthetic That Emanates Your Brand

Similar to the way we wanted people to understand our services through the visuals, we also wanted our video to evoke a feeling. The video ends up being a sweet piece of meta-advertising showing at a glance that:

  • We design graphics and motion graphics.
  • We shoot video and interviews.
  • We post and use this video effectively.

By design, the video in itself is exactly what we offer: the opportunity to market with video effectively.