YouTube Tricks: How To Render In Perfect MP4

I’ll admit that the name of this post is kind of a joke. In Google Analytics (an app we obsess over) I see that people commonly search for “how to render in perfect mp4” only to land on our company website. In reality, that’s not such a bad thing because we really do render in perfect mp4 with a wonderful hardware based encoder (just ask us, we’ll tell you all about it)! Yup, renderin’ perfect is something that we know how to do really well, so why not give the people what they want? So here it is…

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Anatomy of a Company Promo

Creating a web promo about Render Perfect has been a long time in the making. We’ve talked about doing one for years. We knew that just having a reel on our front page was not enough to describe the truly full-service brand marketing via video content that our company executes on a daily basis.

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The Blu-ray Debate: When To Demand A High-Def Deliverable

Upon an approaching deadline, it is not uncommon to get a request for Blu-ray at the very last possible minute and oftentimes our clients feel that this need is crucial to the delivery of the project. Blu-ray Discs (BDs), better known as the high-definition replacement for DVDs, are great at displaying awesome HD video quality on a disc the size of a standard DVD. Although delivering on Blu-ray Disc is never a problem, typically we do not deliver on them unless requested.

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