New Features with iFrames for Facebook Fan Pages

As of February 10, 2011, Facebook made it so that Fan Pages would use iframes rather than the previous FBML (Facebook Markup Language).  Facebook Fan Page admins and developers saw this as a change for the better.  It makes creating stylish, interactive apps or Fan Page tabs much easier than it used to be.  Instead of learning Facebook’s experimental (and confusing) FBML code, a developer is now able to create an external web page using basically any standard web programming language he or she desires (HTML, Javascript, CSS, etc.).  This means you can display almost anything you’d like in your Facebook Fan Page, except for Flash applets. This includes full web pages with navigation, videos, music, image rotators, etc.

Now, whenever a new Fan Page tab is created, regardless of the content, it is classified as an app that you add to your Facebook page.  This is great if you have multiple Fan Pages for different products or services, and you’d like that app to be on all of them. Instead of having to add or change the FBML tabs and copy/paste or even re-write the code, you can just add the app you created with the click of a button.  Also, these new iFrame pages are dynamic, meaning if you change anything about the page that’s linked to your iFrame, it will change on your Facebook page instantly, without even having to log in to your Facebook to update them.  Again, users with multiple Facebook pages will find that this is much easier and saves loads of time.

With the limited promotional options available within Facebook, the incorporation of iFrames into the Facebook development framework is truly a blessing for marketers and web developers.  It essentially allows you to create a very customizable window to an “outside” web environment where you have more control over the design and function then you have “inside” Facebook.  The use of standardized web development tools provide enhanced abilities to track and report on user engagement.

We are excited about the ways we will be able to incorporate promotional video, web forms, and targeted landing pages for clients within their Facebook Fan Pages.  Let us know if you want more information, of have ideas for developing with iFrames within your Facebook Fan Page.