Flyers Are Never Marked As SPAM

…but they still have the ability to piss off random people, and people still (mentally) mark it as junk.

Some fun facts about SPAM:

  • SPAM is not just digital.
  • SPAM was around before the Internet.
  • SPAM will be around after the Internet.
  • Probably the most frustrating thing about SPAM is that people usually know when they are SPAMMING someone.
  • They also know that it will be fairly ineffective. SPAM artists rely on sending out en masse and hope for a (usually tiny) percentage of people to buy

Is your marketing goal to avoid the SPAM folder or is it to actually engage, enlighten, and perhaps sell something?

Thanks to FedEx/Kinkos for this poster that inspired me to think about SPAM. It makes me wonder why they sent this message on a poster and not on a flyer. Probably because I would have marked it as SPAM.