Use Video To Empower Customers To Market For You

Ever since there have been products and services worth talking about, word-of-mouth has always been the “Holy Grail” of marketing. Developing effective word-of-mouth is elusive in nature, but critical to the success of a business.  It is hard work to create and maintain word-of-mouth, but once you have a good core group of customer evangelists out there preaching the good word of your company’s product or service, there is nothing more powerful.

In order for your company to further empower its customer evangelists, you must make it easy for them to spread their positive word-of-mouth endorsement of your brand. Employing a short promotional web video to create a compelling and highly-portable message is a perfect tool to build word-of-mouth about your company.

Creating a short promotional video that highlights a word-of-mouth endorsement from your existing customers can be extremely effective.  These messages can be created and distributed to your word-of-mouth influencers in the form of web links, embedded Flash video or a posting on YouTube or other video sites.

It is important that the messages developed to support word-of-mouth campaigns include two key characteristics:

  1. Be sure to include a strong call-to-action
  2. Tie in your call to action with an incentive-based promotion

You need to capitalize on the momentum that your word-of-mouth influencer is providing, and you need to provide an added value within your message’s call-to-action in order for your word-of-mouth influencer to be perceived as not only providing good advice but also providing a value or savings.

This value-added component is key to the success of this style of marketing.  It can be a coupon code, percentage-based discount, or even a free giveaway. It is important to reward your word-of-mouth influencer for assisting you in your marketing effort.

So work hard on building your organization’s brand.  Target those individuals that can become powerful word-of-mouth marketing partners and support them every step of the way.