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If you want to give your web video a kick-start, the first thing to do is to start promoting it. The go-to sources for content promotion are email, Twitter, and Facebook. And while those sources are good you may want to consider launching it into yet another web 2.0 filter: StumbleUpon

Until recently, I was pretty unfamiliar with StumbleUpon. But just a few months ago they  released a new link-shortening tool called links up to your Facebook and Twitter accounts, shortens your links and promotes your content through these portals. But it also releases your content into StumbleUpon world, upping the chances that your video content will be seen and promoted by random web viewers.

Here’s a brief overview of how simple it is to use (I mean, you were gonna shorten that link anyway):

1. Shorten It

Assuming that you already set up your account and linked it to your Facebook and Twitter pages, take the link that you want to shorten and place it in the Post box. Copy Link You Want To Shorten

Press “Just Shorten” Check Out Your Shortened Link

Voila you have a nice short link!

2. Tweet It

The Post box works just like Twitter, counting down the characters you have remaining.  I recommend writing a message that at least describes what your link is about. Add your Tweet

Click ‘Post’. Your Tweet and Shortened Link will show up on your linked Twitter and/or Facebook account. Posts To Twitter

3. Stumble It

Now the fun part: go into your stats and add in the info that will increase the odds that people browsing StumbleUpon will actually see your content.  Clarity is key here.  If you are adding a sports video pertaining to sports history and basketball, you want to make it easy for StumbleUpon’s engine to guide the right people to your content. Add info to increase traffic stats will tell you how many people clicked on your link via your Tweet.  The number underneath tells you how many additional clicks your content has gotten just from being posted on StumbleUpon. Awesome Stats

4. Try It

If you’re curious to how StumbleUpon presents the content, check out my link:

With additional techy stats, and an API that allows you to shorten links through your domain, is a formidable tool in launching and promoting your viral videos and content across the web.


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