No Excuses For Ignoring The Company Blog

I recently became a type of person I hate: a company blogger MIA. There’s no excuse for this, ever. But I’ll give you my excuse anyway.

We just revamped our website; transferring all of the old copy and writing tons of new stuff. We’ve also added a lot more video and will keep posting more as time goes on. Most of the focus was on design. Not cool Flash-y type design with lots obscure widgets that do weird things when you scroll over them. The design we are concerned with is info-design. See, we offer a LOT of services. But depending on who you are, you might be interested in, say, 10% of what we do. So the idea is to get the right person to the right content, quickly.

So my dilemma was more for convenience sake. I could have posted more. In fact, I have a ton of back-logged ideas. But it seemed to make more sense to get this site going as quickly as possible, instead of posting on a site that was going to be taken offline in a matter of weeks. We all have to make sacrifices.

There’s a good reason behind my ranting about infrequent posting and why it bothers me so much. See, I love researching companies. And probably the first thing I do is check out a company’s blog. Company blogs are kind of a new thing, at least for small-to-mid-sized businesses. It is plainly obvious when a company starts a blog for the right reasons and when they start one for the wrong reasons. The right reasons involve good candid thoughts, a recognizable theme, and consistent posts. The wrong reasons involve posts that just restate things seen around the web and a ton of posts published around the same time and then suddenly: nothing.

The idea of the bad company blogger conjures the image of a seedy businessperson who stumbles into a conference about SEO, social media, and Twitter.  Leaving the conference motivated, she puts her top people to work on building a blog to quickly gain traction on the company site. After three months of real concerted effort, the company blog is forgotten for a new trend that has the potential to be even more “monetizing.”

As the bubbles settle from the social-media explosion of ’09, company blogging will become less about SEO and more about stating and building company philosophy. With that being said, expect posts here at Render Perfect on the regular, about one post per week. We like our new web presence and plan to be here for a while.