Communicating With Video: 3 Tips For Delivering An Effective Message On-Screen

Speaking to, or in front of, a camera is a tough task for most people. There is just something about the glow of that red record light and the blank stare of the camera lens that creates an anxiety deep within and makes us unable to do some basic human functions like speak and think clearly.  Below are three tips to help you overcome your fears or anxiety the next time you’re planning to speak in front of the camera.

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What Can Facebook Do For Your Business?

Just a few months ago buried away in the pages of Facebook, you might have stumbled upon a link showing you the way to create a Facebook page for your business. It was difficult to find and business pages were few and far between. Now the link is available right on the front page . Business pages are popping up everywhere.
If you sell Brand X Boring Widgets, you might be asking yourself “Why does my company need a Facebook page?” This is sort of like asking why Aflac needs a duck screaming “Aflac!”  A non-buzzworthy business still benefits from using social media.

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