Plan Your Company’s Next Video With A Mind Map

The foremost psychological hurdle to overcome when encountering any sort of branding endeavor is visualizing the end result of the effort. A video campaign can be a huge collaborative effort and you will want to open up the communication between the collaborators (decision makers, your art department, outside contractors) as soon as possible. There are many ways to deal with this; many choose a physical meeting, but meetings are possibly the most time consuming and least appealing way to generate ideas.

There are a few options out there on the web to overcome stalling of the initial planning process with minimal cost. Some choose to create a collaborative wiki (like PBwiki), which is a sort of open editable web page with all the amenities of a Word document. While this, perhaps, offers the most options, a wiki can become a big sprawling mess that will probably be ineffective in presentation at a followup meeting.

My suggestion is to use mind map software like MindMeister to lay out your group’s ideas. Similar to a brainstorm “web” a mind map will clearly and effectively allow your group to create topics that concern the main project. When these topics are presented, mind map contributors can than follow-up with subtopics or create relationships between topics to possibly answer questions or point out concerns. There are also options to create hyperlinks, and attach notes for topics that require more details. The end product can than be exported to a number of different formats and creates a nice visual interface for a follow-up meeting.

While there are a number of mind map sites on the web MindMeister seems to be one of the most concise and offers flexible payment options (free for the most basic package). At the end of the day, collaborative mind-mapping will jumpstart your company into thinking visually about its next video campaign and create a high level of synergy at your next company meeting.