Productivity Tip: Color Coordinate with Adobe Kuler

Sometimes an application is released that is so ridiculously simple, you wonder why it didn’t come around years ago.

Adobe Kuler is the new-ish web community of designers submitting something very simple and very useful: the color swatch.

Why is this useful? Well as you may know, horrible color combinations are around us everywhere, even historically:

An example of some historically bad color combos.
An example of some historically bad color combos.

So now, with the help of thousands of people you can browse hundreds-of-thousands of color combinations instantly. The Adobe Kuler desktop air application makes this process even simpler (read: faster).

My mind is still buzzing by all the potential uses for this.

From not messing up your house

Well, this is actually kind of interesting.

to learning to dress yourself properly

Bad Clothes

Adobe Kuler has the potential to create a revolution of ease on the eyes.

And my favorite use so far, is the After Effects designer’s approach, ingeniously displayed here from Maltaannon