In Plain English Are Educational Web Videos For Everyone

If you’ve wanted to learn about anything new on the web lately, chances are you may have stumbled upon one of many videos like this:

The In Plain English Video series (produced by husband/wife team Common Craft) has received a lot of traction on the web lately, and its clear to see why. These short videos tell you everything you wanted to know to get started using a new (usually web-based) tool. They tell the story in a clear and creative manner. And they are pretty entertaining to watch.

But there also seems to be something else going on here. If you watch the video above, you’ll notice that it is not perfectly produced. There are rough patches. There is one point where the narration is noticeably spliced in.

Does this detract from the overall message, and EDU-tainment value of the video? I would say that the answer for most people is “No!” and I would have to agree.

This series of videos, rough patches and all is a perfect example of web video made accessible to almost anyone.

Businesses can learn a lot from videos like those in the “In Plain English” series. The lesson being where length and lecture fails to amount to higher understanding in the web video world, brevity and visual creativity always gain a loyal following.