Increase Video Branding With Lower Thirds and Logo Animation

Companies are “tuned in” to the advantages of placing self-made web video content on the popular social media and video sharing websites. The cost of self-producing a web video has never been cheaper for many companies.

While an inexpensive web video showing your sales manager explaining your latest product can be very effective for driving traffic to your website, there are some image factors to consider.  Your company has most likely spent considerable amounts of money marketing its brand and developing a consistent look and feel throughout its print and web presence.  It is worth the extra time and investment to maintain your company’s professional look and image by investing in a few reusable motion graphic elements to tie together your company’s brand and maintain a consistent look in your web video campaigns.

Consider investing in a simple Logo Animation created from your company’s logo.   It does not have to be a blockbuster Hollywood opener; it just has to professionally represent your company visually.  This is especially important for companies that use YouTube to host their video content. A professionally designed logo animation will allow for no mistaken identity and ensure that viewers will know they are at the right place when they navigate from YouTube to your website.

Another worthwhile investment is a Lower Third ID Graphic for properly identifying your video’s on-screen speakers.  A lower third is called a lower third because it is displayed briefly on the lower one-third portion of the video frame and provides the name and title of the on-screen speaking person.

Lower Third Branding
Logo Animations and Lower Third ID Graphics are very basic to any professionally developed video production.  You can invest in these two graphic elements and use them on every video that your company self-produces.  These elements will help represent your company in a professional manner and help maintain a consistent look and feel in your visual communications.