Superbowl Commercial Roundup: We meltin’ gold, baby!

MC Hammer Cash4GoldIt never fails. Every Super Sunday somebody makes this same clichéd gesture: “The commercials are better than the game!”

If there was any Superbowl in recent history that could have proven that statement untrue it was this one. While the game between the Steelers and Cardinals was full of ups, downs, and historic moments. The commercials seemed to leave much to be desired.

Head over to Youtube, for their Adblitz 2009 where you can be the judge and put these expensive nuggets of “advertainment” under further scrutiny. You might have guessed from the title and picture of this entry that I have a soft spot for the pairing of McMahon and McHammer.

This ridiculously clever ad used everything to its advantage: the popularity of pop culture references, celebrity exploitation, and of course the humorous take on the sorry state of the economy.

Added bonus to Cash4Gold for paying a lot for the celebrity endorsements but keeping the same cheesy production values; a bold move that paid off in this case.

Favorite line: “I can get cash for this gold medallion of me wearing a gold medallion!”

Bottom line: Advertisers are finally understanding that their broadcast commercials need to be dual purposed to have the entertainment value to make them go “viral.” At nearly 100k+ views  on midday Superbowl Monday, looks like Cash4Gold spent their money well.